Will the Conservative “Australian-style points based system” form our Immigration system?

If the polls are to be believed, the manifesto that the Conservatives launched recently, will be the legislative agenda for the UK’s next government.  Whichever party comes into power, the plans set out for the UK immigration system, needs to be carefully considered.


The Conservative party’s manifesto suggest that their immigration system will prioritise people who:

  • Have a good grasp of English
  • Have been law-abiding citizens in their own country
  • Have good education and qualifications


It appears they will, unfortunately, make it more expensive for foreign nationals to come to the UK.  The manifesto states that migrants will contribute to the NHS via the Immigration Health Surcharge which will be increased to cover “the full cost of use”.  This has already been increased in recent years.


They will also limit the access of EU nationals to benefits and housing in line with non-EU migrants.


There has been much talk of ‘new visas’ due to come out, potentially opening up further avenues for migration from beyond the EU in order to ensure public services and industries can still be adequately staffed.


However, it certainly appears at first glance that the Conservative immigration policy is simply a reactivation of a number of old visa routes — some of which were closed by the Conservatives themselves.  New visas that have emerged recently include the Start-Up visa and Innovator visa.  The previously popular Post-Study Work visa may be making a come back in 2020/21 also.


At the moment, UK’s immigration policy remains unclear until the election results next month.  An exciting time or a terrifying time, you be the judge.



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