UK Start-up visa facts!

The new Start-up visa is aimed at ambitious entrepreneurs looking to set up a new and innovative business in the UK.

What is the Start-up visa?

The visa does not require applicants to have prior funding and is open to individuals that have been endorsed by a higher education institution or a business that has a history with supporting entrepreneurs.

A Start-up visa migrant can stay in the UK for a maximum period of 2 years after which they can switch into another category, such as the Investor visa, in order to continue developing their business.


What is the Start-up visa application process?

The application process is in two stages.

Applicants will first need to secure endorsement from a university or approved business sponsor. This process will require a business plan to be developed, detailing your business idea, strategies and projections.

If approved, you can then make your visa application to the Home Office.


How much investment will I need?

Applicants for the Start-up visa will not need to have secured investment funds for their venture.

In addition, should Start-up visa holders move on to apply for the Innovator Visa at the two-year mark, the investment requirement of £50,000 will be waived.


What are the Start-up visa requirements?

In order to make an application to the Home Office under the innovator route, you will have to show you:

  • Are over 18 years of age.
  • Are endorsed by an approved organisation.
  • Are in regular contact with the endorsing body, at 6, 12 and 24 month intervals.
  • Satisfy the English Language Requirement, Level B2.
  • Already have valid UK leave under either Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur, Tier 2, Tier 4 (General) or as a visitor undertaking permitted activities as a prospective entrepreneur.
  • Can show minimum maintenance funds of £945.


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