Dependent relatives


Parents, grandparents and other dependent relatives of persons present and settled in the UK can qualify for Leave to Enter or Remain under certain circumstances.

You must be outside the UK to apply and need long-term care from a parent, grandchild, brother, sister, son or daughter who is living permanently in the UK.

One of the following must also apply to the relative:

  • they’re a British citizen
  • they’ve settled in the UK – for example, they have indefinite leave to remain, settled status or proof of permanent residence
  • they have refugee status or humanitarian protection in the UK

The Applicant must prove all of the following:

  • they need long-term care to do everyday personal and household tasks because of illness, disability or age
  • the care they need is not available or affordable in the country they live in
  • the person they’ll be joining in the UK will be able to support, accommodate and care for you without claiming public funds for at least 5 years
  • they’re 18 or over

At Elm Rose Consultancy, we know that no two situations are the same.  We have successfully assisted applicants in a wide range of situations and we could assist you with your application.


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