British Citizenship


You may be eligible for British Citizenship through various routes.  For example, you may believe that you are entitled to citizenship either through holding Indefinite Leave to Remain for at least 1 year, or through decent where you are a child of a British Citizen, even though you yourself are of a different nationality.  It may be that you could register your child as British Citizen.

You may be eligible to Naturalise or to Register as a British Citizen.  Call us to find out more.

At Elm Rose Consultancy, we can advise you of your entitlement to British Citizenship and UK Ancestry.  We can assist you with an application where you are eligible.  Do not hesitate to call, email or even Skype us!  You will find our contact details here.  We are wary of time zones and will be happy to arrange a time suitable to you to discuss your enquiry or you can get your free assessment now!