MINIMUM INCOME THRESHOLD – Home Office wins decision!

The decision that thousands of people have been waiting for, has finally been made.  Unfortunately however, the judgement is in favour of the Home Office.

On 11th July 2014, the Court of Appeal upheld the lawfulness of the income threshold under current family migration rules, allowing the Secretary of State’s appeal.  It overturns an earlier High Court judgement from July 2013, which was supportive of the approach but found that the impact of the minimum income threshold on family life could be disproportionate.

Immigration and Security Minister James Brokenshire commented that “the UK welcomes those who wish to make a life in the UK with their family, work hard and make a contribution, but family life must not be established in the UK at the taxpayer’s expense and family migrants must be able to integrate”.

From 28th July 2014, the 4,000 applicants whose applications did not meet the minimum income threshold and are currently on hold will now receive a decision.

This decision has come as a shock to the UK Immigration community and will cause much distress to families that will be torn apart by it.  If you would like to read the decision, you can find it here.


If you have been affected by this decision, please CONTACT US now for immediate advice and assistance.

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