Migrant crisis unfolds: Munich ‘at limit’ as thousands more migrants enter Germany


According to the BBC, reports from Munich confirm that 13,000 migrants arrived in the city on Saturday alone.  A police spokesman states however that the city has “reached the upper limit of our capacity” as efforts were being made to house the new arrivals.

Nonetheless, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has defended her decision to let in large numbers of refugees, stating she was convinced “it was right”.

A row is brewing amongst the German regional state governments and the state government in Berlin.  The mayor of Munich says Munich has been left in the lurch by the rest of the country while other regional government leaders have criticized Angela Merkel‘s recent announcement welcoming Syrian refugees.

Now the challenge is to move migrants from Munich into other parts of Germany as there is a quota system confirming numbers that each region must house.

Record numbers of people have also been crossing from Serbia into Hungary also.

Europe is struggling with the record number of people entering the border from countries including Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea, fleeing from abhorrent violence and poverty.

Officials estimate that 175,000 people have crossed from Serbia into Hungary alone this year.  Hungary is in process of completing a four-metre-high fence along the border with Serbia to limit the number of people entering its borders and will be putting into force stronger immigration measure including arresting illegal immigrants.

Meanwhile, the European Commission announced plans last week for mandatory quotas to share out 120,000 additional asylum seekers amongst 25 member countries.  However, as seen with Hungary’s recent actions, opposition from some European countries is already beginning to grow.  Although Hungary is showing sure signs of disapproval, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania have also voiced their concerns.


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