About Us

Specialist Immigration firm providing outstanding immigration services for individuals and businesses worldwide.

I am an Immigration Consultant with a wealth of experience in UK immigration from having worked in leading London firms.

Sohinipreet Alg-Nijjar

Elm Rose is regulated by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner (reg no. F201100210).  Being Level 3 accredited (highest level permitted by the OISC), enables Elm Rose Consultancy to deal with all areas of immigration to the UK including European law, Visit visas, Points Based System, Indefinite Leave to Remain, CitizenshipHuman Rights and Appeals.

Why choose Elm Rose Consultancy?

Because at Elm Rose Consultancy, our philosophy is simple: our clients come first.

1. Free Initial Assessment Without Obligation – Unlike many other firms, Sohinipreet will provide you with a free 15 minute initial assessment to judge whether we can assist you with your immigration queries, issues or concerns. We welcome your enquiry by email or telephone and we are happy to hear from you.

2. Level 3 OISC Accreditation – Sohinipreet is a Senior Level 3 OISC accredited Caseworker who is also accredited by the Law Society.

3. We provide a personal and individual Immigration Service no matter what your needs:

Corporate immigration services  Want to employ the best staff to stay on top of competition, even if the staff is not from the UK or EU?  Need advice on what the best immigration solution is for your organisation?  Confused with complex and fast changing immigration rules and environment?  Elm Rose Consultancy provides an experienced corporate service which will help you get things done so that you can focus more on the core of your business.

Individual immigration services Need to stay in the UK even though your visa is expiring or you do not have the necessary immigration documentation?  Looking to apply for asylum?  Need to study in the UK?  Need to work in the UK?  Looking to unite with your family or partner but not sure where to start?  Elm Rose Consultancy has all the answers as well as the solutions to these and other issues relating to your personal immigration needs.

4. We Offer You Accurate and Cost-effective Immigration Service – At Elm Rose Consultancy, Sohinipreet realises that some applicants may be discouraged from seeking professional assistance because of the perceived high costs.  However, her approach is unique and different from other firms in that she offers a variety of payment options to suit clients’ needs and with no hidden costs or additional fees to pay, you can budget with confidence.

5. World-wide clients – Although based in Cambridge, Sohinipreet can cater for clients based anywhere in the world wanting to receive advice and services related to UK Immigration.  She will be happy to arrange meetings at times convenient for you through different options even if you are not based in the UK.  To find out more, please contact us today.