500,000 allowed into the UK without checks!

Reports have been made following an announcement by Theresa May, Home Secretary, that security lapses enabled approximately half a million immigrants into the UK without checks over the last 4 years.

Glasgow, Edinburgh and Heathrow were amongst the airports and ports named which allowed people into the UK last year after officials at the UKBA switched off a facility that reads the passport biometric chips.

This news comes amid recent revelations that full checks at airports and ports were regularly suspended to prevent large queue pile ups.  The report made last year claimed that no European passport holders travelling from some ski resorts or from the Disneyland Paris theme park were given criminal checks for more than 4 years.  Also fingerprint checks on foreign nationals who needed visas to enter the UK were suspended on more than 450 occasions.

Theresa May has said a new structure is now needed at the UK Border Force to increase policing of people entering the UK.

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