2012 Olympics – Top Tips to getting your visa!

With only 6 months to go until the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, the UK Border Agency is urging people who want to come to the UK as participants or spectators to plan ahead and begin making travel arrangements!   Are you looking to come to the UK to be part of one of the most historic events ever?

The London 2012 Games will be the biggest event that the UK has hosted and many extra visitors will arrive during the busy summer period in 2012. We have produced some top tips which will help you to plan your travel to the UK during the Games.

To beat the rush and to make sure your immigration matter is dealt with accurately so that you can rest easy and travel without problems, contact us now.   We at Elm Rose Consultancy, can help you to come to UK, whether you are taking part in the Olympics or are wanting to come as a spectator.



1. Find out if you need to apply for a visa – 

If you are unsure whether you need a visa to come to the UK, or which immigration category is most suitable for you, contact us for assistance immediately.  We are available over the telephone, email or even Skype!  Why not complete our free initial assessment form for an instant response from one of our experienced Consultants.

You will not need a visa if you hold a passport issued by the UK or are a national of a European Member State.

2. Make your application – 

We can prepare your application no matter which country you reside in and we can advise you of the processing details specific to your country!  Contact us now.

3. Get your documents ready – 

Make sure you have your passport or travel document and a valid visa (if appropriate) ready in plenty of time.  We will advise you of which documents to submit in support of your application.  Have a look at our list of Services we provide and let us know which you is best for you – be it preparing the entire application, checking your application or only advising you on any queries you may have.

4. Know your rights and responsibilities – 

Our Consultants can advise you of what your rights and responsibilities are once you are in the UK.  We will advise you what you legally can and cannot do under the Immigration Rules.


Contact us now for assistance with your immigration application to come to the UK to be part of the 2012 Olympics!

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